Our experienced and specialised team provide world renowned quality training and standards. From ground training facilitators to flight instructors, the team will ensure a seamless and professional training experience.

The training team is led by our dynamic managers, Captain Glen Warden and Captain Paul Dore.They now have the privilege to lead a team of highly trained, well-motivated instructors who are at the forefront of Airline operations as they are all active line pilots.


Captain Glen Warden

"Safety through high standards and quality,
without compromise."

  • Captain Glen Warden, Manager of Commercial Operations at Comair Training Centre, has been in aviation for over 40 years, with over 30 years as advanced instructor both in the South African Air Force, and the civilian aviation sector. Having studied at Universities of Stellenbosch Business School, Newport (California), Dallas Fort Worth he has wide commercial business experience in providing innovative, value-add training solutions.

Captain Paul Dore

"Knowledge is Power"

  • Paul Dore has been involved in the Aviation industry since 1975. After starting in the military, he then progressed through Corporate Aviation industry to the Airlines. He has have been actively involved with flying training since 1980 on both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. He attained Designated Examiner status with the SACAA in 1992. Over the years he has accumulated 18000 accident free hours of which 7000 were on helicopters and 6000 are as a flight instructor.


Flight Instructor Team

Our Team of Fight Instructors boasts more than:

  • 60 000 Hours on Boeing 737’s
  • 10 000 Hours of flight training on Boeing737’s
  • 70 Years of Airline experience