Comair Training Centre offers aviation training specific to the airline environment. We specialise in flight-deck, cabin crew and operations personnel training. We believe that high quality training is the key element to flight deck and cabin crew proficiency thereby contributing directly to safety.Well-trained and proficient crew are able to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

Comair Training Centre is fully certified under the ICAO approved South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). In addition, Comair is an approved and accredited IOSA operator, and our training standards and procedures are both in line with ICAO and IOSA. CTC serves a client base of well over thirty (30) principal airlines from numerous African countries, as well as others from the Middle East, South America, Indo-Asia and the Far East.

Pilot Training
Aviation Training

Our flight deck training focusses on advanced pilot trainingthat is required to operate Multi-Crew aircraft particularly within the airline environment. For type specific training, we offer both initial and recurrent training options for the full range of Boeing 737 type aircraft. We also offer non-type specific training such as a range Multi-crew Co-ordination training options and a world leading Airline Command preparation course.

Our Cabin Crew training offering includes both initial and recurrent training, including training in Aviation Medicine (AVMED). We make use of our class-leading, in-house Cabin training facilities. Our trainers are all experienced airline crew, providing the latest and most professional training experience in the industry. For practical training we designed and developed a purpose-built cabin trainer that consists of a complete, actual Boeing 737 housed within an enclosed building.

This facility is used to train Cabin and Flight deck crews, that features smoke generators, actual aircraft galleys, fully operational doors, a complete cockpit and an Emergency Exit slide jump.

Comair Training Centre (CTC) also offers a comprehensive range of ground school training, essential to the aviation sector and typically required by Part 121 operators. We offer both initial and recurrent ground lectures for Pilots, Cabin Crew and Flight Dispatchers.

Comair Training provides a variety of ancillary subjects pertaining to the Aviation environment. Our bespokeofferings include; Crew Resource Management (CRM),Crew leadership, Dangerous Goods (DG), RNP Approach, TCAS, Command Upgrade training and reams of other subjects on offer to support customer needs.

Our facilities utilise a full ambit of in-house training devices ranging from fixed base training devices (FTD-1) to full flight simulator devices (FFS) on the Boeing 737 type aircraft.A team of highly skilled engineers and technicians provide in excess of 99% “up-time” simulator availability, operating 24hrs a day, 364 days a year.

Accreditations and Certifications

  • The Comair Training Centre is registered by the South African Civil Aviation Authority as a Part 141 Aviation Training Organisation (ATO).
  • Comair is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) listed carrier, certified with full IOSA (International Operational Safety Audit) safety accreditation.
  • Both the Boeing 737-800W and Boeing 737-300/400/500 Full Flight Simulators are fully compliant with FSTD-A Level “D” certification. This permits a “Zero Flight Time” training capability.